At the reception will give you a sheet that must be completed and signed as proof of acceptance and enrollment rules to the private club membership THE RING. You commit in writing to their compliance and benefit of all is also noted that any violation of the following rules is considered a SEVERE breach and be grounds for immediate expulsion:
▪ Our main rule is RESPECT.
▪ You can not join a game started by another / os if this / I do not want to / in
▪ It is not allowed any disrespectful attitude towards others.
▪ It is not allowed to use mobile phones, cameras or photographic film.
▪ is not permitted practice of scat, blood or extreme pain.
▪ the sale or consumption of any drugs or narcotics is not allowed.
▪ We remind you that you are not forced to do anything you do not want.
▪ THE RING The club strongly recommends safe sex and it also provided free condoms distributors all over the place. Also there are elements of clean and hygienic to use. Please keep the facilities as you would like to find them.


Socio away for 1 day SILVER 10€
Types of partner: Type of card: Price
Member for 1 week GOLDEN 20€
Member for 1 month PLATINO 40€
Member for 6 months VIP 80€

- As a member each time that you go to the Club you can login.

- You will receive a membership card that you must present at the entrance every time you visit us.

The Ring Private

- As a club member, you will enjoy access to the club, a key to the box office to let your belongings.

- In special parties also will enjoy additional benefits.